What is PAWS?

PAWS aims to identify individuals within local schools (district employees, school board members, candidates, and school staff) and the city (officials, candidates, council members, etc.) who are proven “woke” SJWs (social justice warriors) and have allowed their personal ideologies to carry over into their decision making and administrative work in demonstrable ways.  As a group we will advocate for identified individuals to be removed from employment or office within the school district or city.  PAWs will advocate to:

  • protect parents' rights in education

  • ban anti-American ideologies in schools

  • support our teachers in getting back to basics

  • work toward the removal of divisive curriculum from all grade levels

  • provide citizens needed information about those elected or hired to serve within the school and/or city.


Who is PAWS?

PAWS CDA is an exciting, revitalized group of North Idaho parents and citizens that desire quality education in our public schools and expect transparency from all elected and hired city officials. We support teachers, employees, and trustees within the public school system and city that share our deep love for the next generation... our children.

PAWS members are passionate parents and citizens unafraid to take a stand for not just parents' rights but also for student's and citizen's rights.  PAWS members come from all backgrounds and ages. What brings us together is our dedication toward our common goal.  None of us can go this alone - we are stronger together.  Are you PAWS?  Get in touch to see how you can get involved and increase our impact.

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